ECHOMETER 1076 TC Wall Thickness And Velocity

ECHOMETER 1076 TC Wall Thickness And Velocity

Precise measurement on coated materials as well...

User-friendly menu-guidance, easy data storage and adaptable representation of readings: The new ECHOMETER 1076 TC measures wall thickness and sound velocity easily and reliably - even through coatings.


Using the standard method (TP-BE mode) for measurement of wall thickness and sound velocity the probe is placed on the uncoated surface of the material.

The ECHOMETER 1076 TC offers more: Varnish or plastics coatings up to 4 mm thickness can be blanked out so you can measure highly precise also through the coating. Then the measuring result is calculated by means of successive back wall echoes.

Depending on the probe the measuring range for wall thickness covers 0.5 to 400 mm. The measurement of sound velocity in sound conductive material copes with a measuring range from 100 to more than 20,000 m/s without any problems.


Besides a standard probe for the most common wall thicknesses from 1.2 to 250 mm a high-resolution probe for thin-walled workpieces from 0.5 to 25 mm and a low frequency probe for wall thicknesses up to 400 mm are available.

The standard probe BE-BE can be used either for measurements using the TP-BE method (measuring range: 2 - 250 mm) or for through coating measurements (measuring range: 2 to 28 mm).##The connected probe is automatically recognized by the gauge.

Measurement also through coatings:
Quite often in materials testing, the specimens to be examined are protected by a varnish or plastics coating against environmental impact.

With the standard measurement method (TP-BE) the ultrasound transit time between transmitter pulse and first back wall echo is measured. In this case, if you do not want to damage the protective layer, you have to rely on an estimation of the layer properties so the determined results will be correspondingly inaccurate.

The ECHOMETER 1076 TC is able to measure most accurately through coated material, too:

By means of a special measuring method (BE-BE) which exclusively determines the transit time of successive back wall echoes you are able to measure the wall thickness also through a coating with high precision.

This mode copes with a varnish or plastics layer thickness of up to 4 mm. However, in real life coatings of up to 8 mm thickness often do not pose a problem (depending on material).

Operating menu and indication of measuring results:
The easy and comfortable menu navigation is very user-friendly and appears in a comprehensible plain language. Therefore the measuring parameters can be adjusted and modified very simply.

Understandable and plausible symbols inform on the current operating status.

Freely namable folders and files assist with the data storage, just as you are used to on a PC.

The readings are displayed in large and clear digits, optionally together with the current statistics data.

A backlight illumination of the display ensures a convenient operation also for poor light conditions.

Two software solutions available for connection to a PC:
You can use the PC program EasyExport to transfer all measuring data to an elective software (e.g. word processor, spread sheet) at user's option.

For read-out of stored data batches and their processing on a PC the user-friendly and easy-to-operate PC software iCom is available.

The program interactively communicates with the ECHOMETER 1076 TC so the administration of its data memory can easily be accomplished via the PC.

Thus, for instance, you can create and manage the data files of the ECHOMETER 1076 TC by means of the PC.

More features:
If required: Problem-free measurement of the sound velocity, as easy as the measurement of the coating thickness

Possibility to connect an electronic vernier caliper: This ensures automatic, quick and error-free transferof the wall thickness data to be used with the measurement of sound velocity.

3 selectable display modes: Standard display, difference value and minimum value
Representation of readings selectable in a resolution of 0.1 mm, 0.01 mm or 0.001 Inch

Included data memory for up to 9999 readings which can be structured in files with up to 999 readings each

Battery-saving mode

Splash-proof housing ( IP 54 )

The reliable gauge for harsh daily measurement life:

The instrument is supplied with a shock-absorbing protective rubber holster and a sturdy carrying case for safe storage, making it a robust and reliable device even in harsh environments. Further flexibility is given by the use of commercially available batteries, size AA.

The compact size of the gauge (13.1 cm x 8.1 cm x 3.2 cm, incl. rubber protective holster), the minimal power consumption and the long service life of commercially available batteries make the ECHOMETER 1076 TC ready for versatile daily use.

The instrument is as easy as 150 g and yet robust and splash-proof and it can be operated conveniently with only one hand.

Additional mechanical protection and slip resistance is provided by a rubber holster with integrated stand.

A practical carrying case (left, equipment sample) is part of the delivery.

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